Skate and BMX

Warm up your wheels and get your helmet hair ready, the West Beach Parks Skate and BMX is open and free all day and night. Get out the skateboard, skates and BMX bikes and roll down to Africaine Road while staying at the Parks, or head down for a day on wheels.

West Beach Parks Skate and BMX is very popular for skate-boarding, in-line skating and BMX riding and here is what you will find:

  • Beginners Bowl
  • Street Circuit
  • Dirt BMX Track
  • Large Vertical Ramp
  • Sheltered BBQ areas

Popular skate company Da Klinic operated the kiosk and skate shop at West Beach Skate and BMX. They offer a full range of Skateboard, scooter products and
protective equipment as well as a range of food and drink.

Da Klinic is open Friday - Sundays and during school holidays.