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Sonny the starfish takes a holiday

Sonny the Starfish and his seaside friends are coming to West Beach Parks this winter, and can’t wait to meet you! Sonny loves to play at BIG4 West Beach Parks all night and all day…and you will too.

Sonny the Starfish is taking a holiday, he's packed his bags and he's going away. He loves to stay at BIG4 West Beach Parks, to chill with the dolphins, and hide from the sharks.

With a golf stick in one hand, tennis racquet in the other, a surfboard, a snorkel, and a kiss from his mother - Sonny splashes, dances and loves to play, at BIG4 West Beach Parks all night and all day.

But it's Sonny's friends that make his holiday fun, whether playing on stage or out in the sun…

Daphne the Dolphin with her long bottlenose, takes care of the menu with her culinary prose. The “surf and surf” she shouts from her stool, then they feast on crustaceans until they're full.

Freddie the Flying Fish from southern cod kin, teaches Sonny to fly with a pectoral fin. Using a BIG4 West Beach Parks towel they fashion new wings, then laugh like kookaburras as they glide past the swings.

Ted the Turtle with his extra long-neck, takes Sonny out to the beach for some extra long treks. Whether cruising the dunes or surfing the tide, Ted is always around to offer a ride.

Jimmy the Jellyfish is great for a chat, if Sonny wants to talk, Jimmy's all over that. Transparent and kind, on hearty strings he'll tug, listening without judgement, with the very best hugs!

And when the sun goes down, Sonny's the star of the show, with his six long arms, he plays drums like a pro. Banging bongos, and his booming bass drum, his long leggy limbs become agents of fun!

Then as the cool breezes blow and it's time to go home, they say their farewells, but won't feel alone. With so many great memories of a summer together, Sonny knows his friends will be with him forever!