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Sensory-friendly holiday fun, with Clementine the Clam

From a sensory room, to a heated pool, our resident neurodiverse clam, Clementine, has put together a list of some of her favourite sensory-friendly experiences for holidaying at BIG4 West Beach Parks!

Happy holidays! I'm Clementine the Clam.

I love hanging out with my family and friends on holidays, but sometimes when things get a little too much for me, I prefer to hide in my shell for a while.

Do you sometimes feel like that?

Well, if you do, you might like to know about the awesome sensory room for us neurodiverse clams at BIG4 West Beach Parks.

Filled with all of the features you would expect from a sensory room - a lamp projecting soothing blue ocean waves on the ceiling, calming music, a large hammock, a crash mat, weighted blankets and cushions, even a peanut shaped gym ball to bounce - it’s a place that will provide you with peace and comfort when things just get a bit too hectic to handle.

But that’s not all BIG4 West Beach Parks has on offer for those who prefer a quieter pace on holidays. Let me share with you some other fantastic sensory-friendly experiences for neurodiverse people that will leave you as calm as a clam.

Play in warm water

One of my favourite soothing activities is spending time in water! At winter time, the BIG4 West Beach parks pool is heated, so you can float freely all year round, or try swimming laps, which is an incredibly meditative and healthy activity for your mind and body.

Explore the beach

Spending time at the beach is a great way to engage in sensory play. Feeling the sand between your toes, the salty sea breeze on your face, and listening to the sounds of the ocean can be a calming and enjoyable experience. If the feeling of sand is too much, bringing along a soft blanket or beach chair can help make things more comfortable.

Go for a long walk in nature

I find that taking a long walk is the perfect way to decompress when things get a little overwhelming. For a great day out, head to the West Beach Coastal Path for a solo walk along the top of the dunes, or take a trusted friend with you and pack a picnic to enjoy a leisurely lunch overlooking the wild wintery waves.

Overall, there are plenty of fun and sensory-friendly activities to enjoy at BIG4 West Beach Parks