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Glamping at West Beach Parks

Some call it glamping. We call it a great time. Our Retreat Safari Tents are fabulous and are available to book today!

So…you like the idea of sleeping under canvas, being in nature and getting away but…you’re not so sure about the actual nature part, you really do enjoy sleeping in a bed, and you don’t actually have any camping equipment…

Don’t panic! We are here to help. At West Beach Parks, we pride ourselves on offering all things to all people. We have cabins, shacks and even a boutique holiday home. We have caravan sites, tent spaces and even dorms for the group sleepovers.

We also have an ideal option for the campers who have never camped before, the ones who like their creature comforts and the others who just want to do something different.

Some call it glamping. We call it a great time. Our Retreat Safari Tents are fabulous and our BIG4 Eco-Tents are fun!

Still not sure if glamping is your thing? Here are 9 reasons why it should be!

There is none! The tent is already up and ready to roll! Arrive in the rain, no problem. Arrive when its dark, no worries. We have done everything for you. We have even made the bed.

Unlike your average tent, our Safari and Eco-Tents are raised off the ground and have a solid floor. No sweeping out or sleeping on the dirt for you!

As we’ve already said…our tents have beds. Our stunning Safari Tents actually have a canopy double bed and bunk beds. Our Eco-Tents are a little less glam but still a big step up! The point is you don’t need your sleeping bags. You don’t even need bedding.

You can certainly enjoy a traditional camping experience during your glamping adventure but if you’re not up for that our Safari Tents have BBQs, tables, and a kitchen. The Eco-Tents are close to our camp kitchen. You don’t need to worry about crumbs in sleeping bags on our watch.

Creepy crawlies often make or break a decision to camp. Of course, you’ll encounter a bug or two on your trip (this is Australia) but in an Eco or Safari Tent you’re higher off the ground and it’s more difficult for the creepy crawlies to find their way inside. The area is also bigger so easier to sweep the bugs out and keep the tent cleaner.

Clothes are often the first casualty of camping. You wear what works, not what looks good. Clothes get wrinkled and wet. Fortunately, glamping gives you the space and storage you need to keep things tidy and looking good.

Tents cannot keep out the rain completely. Glamping tents usually can. So, it’s safe to say that while you may be camping, you will not be battling the elements.

Just as glamping tents keep the rain out, ours are also higher and allow for the amazing sea breeze to flow through in the warm summer months. Did we also mention that our Safari Tents have air-con? You’re welcome.

Just like setting up, there is nothing for you to do. You don’t need to clean your equipment nor air out your sleeping bags. Simply pack your bags, check out and head home and plan your next trip!

Now we’ve cleared up the not-so-sures — we hope we've convinced you on glamping is a great place to begin the camping journey. Check out our glamping camping options: