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The Environment

West Beach Parks is a world-class tourism, sport and recreation precinct, providing exceptional leisure experiences. We are responsible for managing the West Beach Recreation Reserve, an area of significant natural assets, and its commercial and community facilities including accommodation, boating, a coastal park, golfing, leisure and sports.

West Beach Parks is bound by the requirements of the West Beach Recreation and Reserve Act 1987 and therefore responsible for controlling a wide range of environmental risks and opportunities.

West Beach Parks’ commitment to managing environmental challenges, makes good business sense and can lead to enhanced safety, operational efficiencies, cost savings and the mitigation of risk.

Operating a commercial business needs a balance between environmental, community and economic outcomes.

West Beach Parks is focused on all three, believing they are complementary to one another and to long-term success. West Beach Parks is not only committed to complying with its legislative and regulatory requirements but going beyond compliance.

West Beach Parks aim to drive efficiency by minimising natural resource use and embracing opportunities for environmental sustainability.

Our commitments:

  • Protect and enhance local biodiversity and cultural heritage.
  • Value the environment and communicate its value to those who utilise the Reserve and associated facilities including customers, visitors, tenants and employees.
  • Meet and where relevant exceed applicable environmental legislation,regulations and other requirements.
  • Embed good environmental practices into everyday activities, processes and performance management.
  • Establish measurable objectives and targets aimed at preventing pollution and improving environmental performance along with programs to achieve them.
  • Continually improve environmental performance relative to growth by seeking ways to reduce the use of natural resources and waste.
  • Provide appropriate information, awareness, education, training, supervision and resources as applicable to employees, visitors, tenants and contractors to ensure a clear understanding of roles, responsibilities and accountabilities for eliminating or minimising environmental impacts.
  • Encourage an equivalent environmental commitment from tenants, visitors, customers, suppliers and contractors.
  • Consult and engage with internal and external stakeholders, including local communities and suppliers on relevant environmental matters including risks and opportunities.