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Here’s our top tips for easy entertainment – indoors and outdoors!

With our everyday activities a little limited, we are spending a lot more time at home and indoors as we attempt to entertain ourselves and our little ones!

Here at West Beach Parks, we are no stranger to creating our own entertainment onsite. While you’ll find plenty of action outside within the precinct, we also know how to keep the family entertained when the weather is less than wonderful!

To help, our kids club co-ordinators have compiled some ideas for easy entertainment – indoors and outdoors! Here’s our top tips:

  1. Break out the board games: So many games…so little time…
    The team put their heads together and West Beach Parks staff favourites include Jenga, Twister, Monopoly and the unrivaled card challenge Uno. They are easy to set up and play and are perfect go-to options for families on the brink of boredom!

  2. Chalk it up: Here at West Beach Parks we are a big fan of colour, chaos, and creativity (all temporary, of course)! What better way to achieve all three with some super pavement artwork? Invest in a cheap and cheerful tub of chalk and let the kids unleash their inner artist outside the home!
  3. Brush up on your bike skills: Now is the time to get in gear! For those who live close to us, our skate park is now open and is the perfect place to practise, teach or try new tricks. For those who do not live close, source a cycle path, and get on your bike! You’ll be able to bring your new skills with you on your next stay
  4. Get creative in the kitchen:Why not create a taste of West Beach Parks at home? The Shack’s Mint Bubble Thick Shake is a firm favourite with guests of all ages, and it is so easy to create! Simply blend vanilla ice cream with Aero chocolate bar, chocolate syrup and milk of your choice! Pour the thick shake into a fun tall glass and top with whipped cream and crumbled Aero bar! Delicious!
  5. Create a holiday @ home: While we await the green light on non essential travel, why not encourage your kids to grab a world globe and discover where in the world they would love to go?
    When you have your list, set about creating your holiday wish list! Every day gather some appropriate props and recreate a photo of a dream destination to include on your list. Maybe use your kayak to create a gorgeous gondola scene in Venice or perhaps create a go-kart in the garden and relive a West Beach Parks adventure. A great way to combine geography, creativity and, of course, plan your next holiday!

We would absolutely love to see what you come up with so be sure to take some snaps and tag us @westbeachparks

Have a question?

Contact the team at West Beach Parks via email BIG4@westbeachparks.com.au or phone (+61 8) 8355 7360

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